Optimize your business communications costs

Reduce your communication costs with a complete, leading-edge system

    • IP technology: Short- and long-term return on investment

      Nowadays, the coupling of computing and telephony offers infinite possibilities. Choose a single, convergent infrastructure for voice and data -- a reliable, profitable system. From the outset, reduce the installation cost of your network cabling.

      > Read the example of a healthcare association

    • Regular, visible savings on your bills

      Whether your company covers one or multiple sites, all internal communications using your IP network are free.  Meanwhile, you can choose any operator for your external communications; they’ll generally offer a flat rate for all voice communications.

      Using our software, you can select the operator offering the best rates.

    • Indirect savings on all levels

      Reduce your travel costs with the power of our collaborative tools. Gain precious time in processing incoming calls and routing them to the right department. In a word, optimize your productivity.

      > Read the example of a car dealership

Key points :
Terminal configuration including mobile terminals with IP technology
Savings of up to 30% on your telephone bills

Cost savings All the advantages of OpenTouch® Suite for SMBs

  • An “all-in-one” voice and data system with potential to add multiple applications
  • Function to select desired operator according to a timetable, number, country, etc.
  • Collaborative tools to reduce your travel costs 
  • Simple configuration offering significant time savings
  • Enhanced user experience from a comprehensive range of terminals

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