Monitoring your professional calls

Distribute and keep control of your calls

    • Categorize all calls with a high-performance solution

      Our applications provide professional call routing, recording and archiving of sensitive calls and enable true traceability. A complete range of solutions is available to meet all of your requirements for a quality customer welcome.

      > Read the example of a law office

    • Effective and efficient call routing

      It is simple to set up an automatic switchboard to handle calls for different entities in several languages and guide your callers. Apply personalized, flexible, intelligent routing to every call so that it reaches the most appropriate person.

      > Read the example of an auto repair shop

    • Optimize your productivity and customer relations

      Offering your customers a tailored welcome minimizes wait times by responding accurately to all requests. Your colleagues can concentrate on other tasks, allowing your company to improve its customer service and increase productivity.

Key points :
Complete, user friendly call management via PC-based console
Professional welcome and routing 24 hours / 7 days

Call management and routing All the advantages of OpenTouch® Suite for SMBs

  • A complete range to meet your exact needs, from voice mail to a structured call center
  • A professional welcome for incoming calls and minimized wait time
  • A multilevel, automatic switchboard with capacity to program multiple tree structures
  • Smart Call Routing: optimized welcome and routing engine as an alternative or addition to a human switchboard operator
  • A PC-based operator’s consult for important calls, simple to configure with a single receptionist for multiple sites
  • Total management of your call flows, queues and absences.

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