Management of incoming call traffic

Ensure a quality welcome for all your incoming calls

    • A high-performance application to manage your call flow

      The welcome service records and plays all your voice announcements: opening hours, promotions, and the like. It also ensures that no call goes unanswered. From voice messaging to setting up a structured call center, you can count on a quality welcome to meet all your expectations. 

      > Read the example of a hotel

    • A professional welcome to match your company’s needs

      Automatic or multiple automatic switchboard, personal assistant, call center, intelligent call routing -- our tailored solutions measure up to your needs, whatever the size of your organization.

      > Read the example of a law office

    • Optimize customer satisfaction through improved availability

      Improve customer satisfaction from the very first contact thanks to a professional welcome and call routing.

      For individuals, the personal assistant allows you to always be reachable in or out of the office. Enjoy the advantages of a single number, with configurable routing that can be adapted to your preferences.

Professional welcome All the advantages of OpenTouch® Suite for SMBs

  • An automatic switchboard for the optimal customer welcome
  • Welcome messages with information available 24 hours / 7 days
  • Reduced waiting time
  • Professional routing with direct call transfer to the right person
  • An ergonomic, easy-to-use telephone operator console
  • Voicemail system integrated in the system to always be reachable

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