Grow your professional telecom network

A flexible solution you can adapt as you grow your business

    • Business growth can be unpredictable

      An influx of new customers, international growth, an increase in staff: startups and SMBs sometimes undergo rapid – and unexpected – expansion. Your communication system must be able to adapt rapidly to support the growth of your business. 

    • A completely scalable communication network...

      Our communication solutions are completely flexible. Is your company about to expand? No need to change the whole system when an update is all it takes.

      Increasing system performance or capacity, or both, is under your control.

    • ...Designed to support your growth and your application requirements

      You can significantly improve your collaborations through tailored tools and applications. Synchronizing diaries, call sharing and intelligent call routing are among the advantages that enable you to increase your employees’ productivity. And ultimately, you will also improve your customers’ satisfaction.

      > Read the example of an insurance company

  • I was impressed by the modularity of the proposed system and the potential savings. It is easy to update by replacing individual modules. It is this flexibility which helped me to decide plus the freedom to integrate new applications in response to issues that may arise in the future.
    Thomas Isariuk, consultancy company manager

Company growth All the advantages of OpenTouch® Suite for SMBs

  • A completely flexible solution to support your growth and your needs
  • Scalable applications and easily updated tools
  • Optimized, easily controllable costs
  • Improved collaboration and increased productivity

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