Telephony solutions for bank branches
  • Telephony solutions for bank branch agencies

    Managing communications with the same rigor as customer portfolios

    Bank branch 10 - 49
    • Supporting customers from A to Z

      Today, it’s difficult to hold onto customers since changing banks has never been easier and online banking is gaining in popularity. So when a customer calls a branch office, it needs to respond effectively to client needs to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    • Increased productivity

      The proposed new communications system needed to include telephony services to fully manage hundreds of daily calls. Handling overflow situations and easily routing these calls to the relevant departments was also considered key to a “professional welcome.

    • Integrating the full range of banking services

      The modernization of this bank also included setting up multipurpose applications and collaborative tools for all of the staff. Naturally, the new solution needed to integrate all of the existing operations and management tools.

  • This system answers a number of different needs… whether it is handling incoming call overflows intelligently and without stress, setting up video conferences with the head office, or carrying out collaborative calls with enhanced content.

    A word from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Your solution: the OpenTouch® Suite for SMBs

The 3 key points:
Optimized customer service and productivity
End-to-end call management
Reduced costs

A complete, perfectly tailored communications system, whatever the size of your organization.

  • OXO Connect
    OXO Connect

    Your flexible integrated communication server, tailored to your size and your business.

  • Premium DeskPhones
    Premium DeskPhones

    User-friendly, multipurpose terminals with integrated IP functions.

  • 8018 DeskPhone
    8018 DeskPhone

    Deskphones are cost-effective entry level IP, TDM and SIP phones with a business grade design.

  • LAN Infrastructure
    LAN Infrastructure

    Gigabit Ethernet switches that are simple to deploy, configure, and manage

  • Wi-Fi Access Points
    Wi-Fi Access Points

    Low cost, enterprise-grade access point for small business

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