Telephony solutions for law firms
  • Telephony solutions for law firms

    Communication tools equal to the case

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    • Ensuring traceability and confidentiality of communications

      In the law profession, no communication is insignificant, whether it’s written, electronic or spoken. Mail is archived; why not do the same with important telephone calls? How do you ensure the same confidentiality for faxes and emails? These were among the questions that needed to be addressed. 

    • Providing the best possible welcome to clients

      To secure its reputation, the law firm had to optimize its members’ availability. They wanted to be in a position to handle all requests by order of importance. Setting up intelligent routing of incoming calls enabled the firm to ensure the lawyers’ autonomy and preserve their privileged relationship with their clients. Thanks to integrated applications, they also had direct and easy access to their call history

    • Integrating with line-of-business applications

      The law firm also needed a communication system with good telephony performance that would be capable of interconnecting with its billing software, and very easy to learn. 

    • Professional efficiency

      The new system was simple to install and quickly reduced response times. The impact was two-fold: it optimized collaboration amongst the staff, which increased productivity; and it improved customer perception.

  • Protection of sensitive voice data was our number one priority. We implemented a comprehensive infrastructure which the lawyers could rely on without a second thought, and thus truly focus on their work.

    A word from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Your solution: the OpenTouch® Suite for SMBs

The 3 key points:
Confidentiality of calls
Tailored response to clients
Integration with line-of-business applications

A communication platform to serve your clients and increase your efficiency

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