The auto repair shop
  • The auto repair shop

    When communication management becomes a business driver

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    • Making yourself available

      A car repair garage is in constant contact with the outside world. The staff continually needs to answer calls from customers and suppliers, and exchange with each other by phone. This all must be done quickly, as the reputation of the auto repair shop depends largely on its responsiveness.

    • Passing calls to the right person

      The company wanted a communication system that was able to route incoming calls efficiently to the receptionist, the workshop or the parts department. Handling these calls had become essential even outside of opening hours.

    • Meeting the specific needs of each job

      The shop required every team member, be they mechanic, office staff or salesperson, to be reachable both on-site and off. In return, it was incumbent on the car repair company to provide staff with equipment suited to the job: robust, wireless, and even wired telephones for the workshop, for example.

  • The telephone can be a constraint when you have lots of unfiltered incoming calls all the time... whereas an appropriate telephony solution, like ours, can save precious time for mechanics and bodywork technicians who already have lots on their plate.

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