Telecommunications solutions for construction companies
  • Telecommunications solutions for construction companies

    Being reachable wherever you are... Replying whenever needed

    Construction / alterations / renovation 10 - 49
    • Communicating at all times

      When you have ten sites to manage, tight deadlines to meet and increasingly impatient customers, every call takes on crucial importance if you want to perform your job to the highest professional standards.

    • Linking scattered teams

      The company provided all of the personnel, who work in small mobile teams, with mobile phones in order to keep in touch with account managers, suppliers and the head office. Despite best efforts, many calls did not get through and it was clear that the company needed to rethink the organization of their communications.

    • Helping professionals communicate

      While on site, the staff now has quick access to the entire company directory from their mobile phones without needing assistance to find a number.

      The new equipment and collaborative tools have also enabled the construction company to reduce costs for mobile communications.

  • The telephone has become the ultimate work tool... and it needs to be 100% reliable! That’s why we designed the OpenTouch™ Suite for SMBs as a real toolkit.

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Your solution: the OpenTouch® Suite for SMBs

The 3 key points:
Be reachable anywhere
Redirect and trace calls
Minimize costs

Control all of your communications from the office or any work site

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