Telecommunications solutions for travel agencies
  • Telecommunications solutions for travel agencies

    Optimized communications for a fast-turning world

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      The travel sector has changed greatly in the past few years. Increasingly, customers book directly online, and bypass travel agencies altogether. The added value of a “physical” agency depends on its ability to swiftly handle an incredible variety of requests, and to offer customers a “made-to-measure” service. For travel agencies, the telephone remains indispensable

    • An impeccable quality of service

      All of the incoming calls are now automatically answered and routed to the appropriate agent. As a result, their operational efficiency has improved sharply.

      Outside of office hours, the company can also remotely monitor all calls and keep a log so it can  follow up with customers and tour operators.

    • A communication network for made-to-measure service

      A voice and data system has simplified all operations and reduced costs, making the agency more competitive. At the same time, the system’s integrated applications have optimized daily tasks and facilitated interconnection with the numerous travel service providers. Overall, the agency has become more responsive and has gained in customer loyalty.

  • Increased productivity sometimes comes from just a few things. Having replaced the communication equipment, the travel agency can now better and more quickly respond to customers.

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Your solution: the OpenTouch® Suite for SMBs

The 3 key points:
Total flexibility
Custom solution
Reduced costs

A small communication network that offers great possibilities

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