Telephony solutions for retirement homes
  • Telephony solutions for retirement homes

    A serious, professional approach to residents and their families

    Retirement home 50 - 499
    • A reliable and reassuring communication platform

      In a very busy retirement home, the communication system must allow calls to be routed efficiently and each sector, managed independently. Staff must also be able to hand over call management to reception in a transparent manner.

    • An advanced yet user-friendly telephony system

      All residents were provided with user-friendly telephones with intuitive functions that make them easy to use. Meanwhile, both care and administrative staff saw their quality of life at work improve thanks to a modular system that was customizable and easy to learn.

    • Capability to respond leads to improved care

      The retirement home needed to be ready to deal with serious events, potentially affecting the health or safety of residents, at any moment. The new communications system makes it simple to reach the relevant staff in all circumstances, on-site or elsewhere; raise alerts; and ensure traceability of all critical information.

  • Now the teams can deal with emergency situations quicker and also prevent other problematic situations from arising. Our solution makes it is easy for the retirement home to handle a flood of calls on top of the alarms, and to dispatch messages remotely without breaching medical confidentiality.

    A word from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Your solution: the OpenTouch® Suite for SMBs

The 3 key points:
High quality call management
Support for on-site mobility with advanced functions
Substantial cost savings

A communication infrastructure to support care staff at every moment

Certified applications offered by our partners and supplementary to the solution OpenTouch® Suite for SMB

Call nurse

Your emergency call system, with server integration

  • Whole center management software
  • Wandering patient monitoring, access and presence control
  • Location system

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Event monitoring & alerting and messaging

Alarm servers

Applications in order to receive notifications, to monitor and handle any type of unexpected event from a fixed or mobile phone as well as alarm servers that give you a global “unified security” solution:

  • Broadcast information messages for external persons under medical care
  • Resend patient calls to nurses’ mobile handsets
  • Mobilize teams as part of alarm response (fire, technical intrusions, IT systems, etc.)

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