Telephony solutions for real estate
  • Telephony solutions for real estate agencies

    Building sales volume and improving sales performance

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    • Never miss an opportunity

      The real estate business is extremely dependent on its ability to handle incoming calls.

      Many calls do not get through because agents are on a visit or on another call. This represents a significant loss in revenue.

    • Optimizing work methods

      The agency needed to be able to redirect customer calls and organize telephone conferences to speed up the closing of sales contracts. They also wanted a single, shared directory that was easy to synchronize, in order to efficiently keep customer and prospect files updated.

    • Thorough rationalization

      Staff at the NGO’s three sites now have access to the same features and regularly use VoIP, video calling and teleconferencing. The new system brought them more autonomy, allowing them to focus more on service quality.

    • Professional efficiency

      The new system was simple to install and quickly reduced response times. The impact was two-fold: it optimized collaboration amongst the staff, which increased productivity; and it improved customer perception.

  • Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s solution has enabled the client to improve certain work methods. The agents are comfortable with their phones and their features, so they’ve significantly increased their efficiency … this is real progress in a sector where a few seconds can make a crucial difference!

    A word from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Your solution: the OpenTouch® Suite for SMBs

The 3 key points:
Professional efficiency
Increased availability and responsiveness
Significant cost reductions

Rationalize all your communications, meet your agency’s daily requirements

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