Make your customers feel welcome the first time and every time

A professional welcome is the first contact that a customer, a prospect or a supplier gets when he or she calls your company.

It gives the first impression on the service level of the company, and it must be positive especially if there are to be future conversations. A business-oriented company cannot let calls ring endlessly or go unanswered.


Both your enterprise and your employees must contribute to providing the best welcome or greeting to people calling them: Answer the call, and if not possible, route the call to one of your colleagues that can handle it or let the caller leave a message.

How to do this ?


OpenTouch Suite for SMB provides a wide range of professional welcome solutions:


  • Voicemail: To collect voice messages in case the employee is unable to answer calls.
  • Personal assistant: To define personalized call rerouting alternatives, in case the employee leaves the office and cannot answer his calls, there are up to six alternative choices: Voice mailbox, assistant, colleague, mobile number, external number, and company attendant.
  • Greeting messages: To play a message prior to ringing the called employee in the company, such as providing an open hours message, promotion advertising, company presentation teaser, etc.
  • Automated Attendant (AA): To provide a unique and central contact number for the company, whether human or automated, or even a mix of both according to a time range.
  • Intelligent and Smart Call Routing: To provide a professional and highly flexible call routing based on several criteria such as calling or called number (including VIP service).


Thanks to our solutions, your company is able to enhance the quality and professionalism of their welcome, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Go for it!


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